Sleep well during pregnancy can be difficult, especially in the last quarter, in which the size of our gut represents one of the many annoyances that disrupt our sleep. Rest is important at this time to reach forces and postpartum, but it is not always possible to find the right and most comfortable position to provide the rest.

Some tips and tricks can help us rest better in the third quarter, in which backaches, leg, our concerns about childbirth and baby or movements that feel inside prevent us.

Side, on the left side

Finding a good sleeping posture maximum hours is basic, and for that, we can use many pillows to lean back a bit. Some women can not be face up because they find them annoying and eventide: in this position all the weight of the uterus rests on your back, intestines, and the inferior vena cava. This can intensify backaches and digestive difficulties, constipation or hemorrhoids.

Side put us on the left side of our body and with your legs bent, it is the most comfortable and recommended posture. This position is also beneficial because it reduces swelling and fluid retention, preventing the weight of the fetus puts pressure on the internal organs and blood vessels.

Place a pillow between our knees will help us align the back and hip pains to avoid, in addition to possible discomfort or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. If we stay still aching back, we can put more pillows or cushions from behind as support.

Low back pain in the third quarter can be avoided using pregnancy pillows like this ones – , holding our back and pelvis while we stand, subtracting some weight to the gut and helping us to better through the day. With this band, we can get a much more restful night sleep and get better.


Other nocturnal nuisances

If what bothers us during the night is the desire to go to the bathroom, we avoid drinking plenty of fluids before bed. It is normal to feel the urge to urinate when our baby is pressing on the bladder.

Other mothers complain of acidity in the final stages of pregnancy, which can also cause difficulty finding the ideal position. So better than dinner is light, and it is recommended not lie down immediately after eating. The position a little up in bed we were talking about before (or even try to sleep in a wingback chair type) can avoid uncomfortable reflux.

On the other hand, have a bottle near water on the table will help us sleep at night very hot. It is, therefore, important to also keep the room at a suitable temperature, especially considering that sleep surrounded by many cushions can give us a greater sense of warmth.


Sometimes are leg cramps or feeling that we climb ball interrupting our sleep. To avoid this, there is a trick that can help us — eat a banana before bed (it contains a lot of potassium, which is beneficial for muscles) or massage legs to relax your legs and improve circulation. Also, take a good bath before going to bed which helps in removing muscle tensions of the day.

Also, keep a while legs up before bed helps us sleep better and do some simple exercise on the ball pilates to mobilize our pelvis and back: by sitting on it to make circles with your hips in both senses and movements as ‘ocho’ get eliminate stress on your lower back. Massage the sore muscles (or ask someone for a foot massage) it will help rest much better.

There will be nights when, despite these tips, we fail to sleep well or have many nighttime awakenings. Keep in mind that insomnia in the third quarter is very common and is also closely related to hormonal changes.

In fact, some say that this form of sleep is we preparing for breastfeeding. We get rest, however, if we lie when we feel the need or advantage to short mid-day nap.